Lake House

#Under Construction #New Construction #Feature Story

Sited on a steeply sloped sliver of land on the shores of Lake Washington this house wakes up to golden alpenglow cast across the panorama of the Cascade Range. The dramatic view across the lake, day and night, is the celebratory focus of this house. The steep slope inverts the notion of typical room arrangements and allows for a “penthouse” layout positioning the main living spaces on the top floor of three, with a rooftop sun deck along the south side for maximum sun exposure late in the day. At this top level a 24’ wide wall of sliding glass will open from living room to roof deck extending life outside, party or not! The middle level is dedicated to bedrooms and the lowest level to lakeside entertaining. Sure to be a popular hangout on warm days, we look forward to the being invited over for a Summer Celebration someday soon!