Being Indigo.

Our name, Indigo, originally inspired by the deep blue waters of the San Francisco Bay where we began our professional design lives over 20 years ago. Over time however, it has grown to be more than just a name. It has become a philosophy of sorts, a way of being. It’s about living fully and authentically, with meaning and intention. It is about embracing design in all forms, championing the big ideas as much as sweating the smallest details, and learning to celebrate perfection within imperfection. It’s about working collaboratively and respectfully, enjoying the process as much as the outcome. Sometimes it’s about just plain fun.

Above all, it’s about crafting beautiful spaces that enrich “being,” both pragmatically and aesthetically, serving to nurture moments that are the human story of a well-lived life.

Our Approach

Translating ideas and dreams skillfully into the language of architecture is neither simple nor linear. It calls for experience and creativity, elegant solutions to complicated problems. We've honed a process that organizes the innumerable details and decisions each project entails, yet remain keenly aware of when to guide you to be flexible and agile, or give you the confidence to stay the course with strong concepts. We’re here to steward you through that experience; and believe that the collaborative process should be as fun and rewarding as the outcome!

The Team

Jeb Thornburg

Founder | Director of Design Email

Jeb is the principal architect and creative director of the firm with 25 years of experience in the design business. He is a licensed architect in both Washington and California and was educated at Cal Poly State University and Virginia Tech. He brings a professional process management style to Indigo’s small practice model from his commercial background, yet he is distinctly passionate about residential design for its personal nature; as the friendships such a process yields are as gratifying to him as the architecture it produces. He is the father of a brilliant and beautiful daughter and in his spare time he is an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast. In recent years he has been re-living past cycling glories more so through Bob Roll’s colorful commentary of the European Classics than actual saddle time…

Belinda Thornburg

Founder | Business Manager and Director of Interiors Email

Belinda’s formal education is in Interior Design, and she has honed that creative talent over 20 years of professional and personal collaboration with Jeb. However, her career chapters also include such titles as: Pulp Trader, Real Estate Broker, Executive Recruiter, Developer and of course Mother; giving her the business acumen and street cred to be the real boss. She gives her spare time tirelessly and selflessly to way too many worthy causes!


Trusted Advisor Email

Ok we know he’s a dog, but just look at him, there is definitely more going on in there than just “more bacon please!” Not only is Tucker the office mascot, he is the only living creature allowed to lick Jeb’s face! RIP 2/2022.